First published on July 16, 2016 on ShilpaAhuja.com, Audrey O’Lightly (earlier Audrey O.) comics by Shilpa Ahuja have 50+ episodes so far, involving stories about travel, work life, friendship and dating. Many of the episodes are depictions of Shilpa’s personal experiences.

audrey o lightly handmade cartoon

She initially created Audrey O’Lightly comic strip as an accompaniment to the magazine’s articles. Its purpose was to create a simplistic way of discussing trending social topics like gender at the workplace, burnout, social media addiction, the purpose generation, political polarization, etc.

However, after its popularity among ShilpaAhuja.com readers, Audrey O’ soon became a fan-favorite and evolved into a weekly strip, and then journeyed through handmade and digital illustrations, short single-panel comics, her own lore, social media accounts, NFTs. In the future, Shilpa hopes to create Audrey O’ coloring books, merch and print comic books.


The character design is inspired by the artist, Shilpa Ahuja, and is named after Audrey Hepburn & a “light” take on her character Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, who are timeless fashion icons, making the character relatable for every reader.