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Audrey O’Lightly is a version of me, mixed with a version of you! Follow her journey through work, fashion, travel, adventure and drama!

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Audrey O’Lightly is a comic strip by Shilpa Ahuja, modeled after herself and inspired by her personal life experiences. It is truly about self-discovery.


The namesake character Audrey O’Lightly is the everygirl whose adventures revolve around office, fashion, friends and personal life, and portray the young working woman. The comic strip has many different settings and characters, but the common theme is getting to know yourself as an independent adult, accepting who you are and being happy with the life you already have. While the society expects us to have it all figured out, the truth is that adulting is hard and messy. The goal of Audrey O’ is to help each and every one of us admit that it’s okay to feel terrible sometimes, and to know that you can create happiness if you try.

Audrey O. (Vol.1 E31) Comic –  How to Deal with Your Boss at Work